Nowadays, owning a property has become less simple. Running costs are rising and many are wondering if the administration costs are justified.

Certainly real estate management has become more complicated in the last 10 years due to the introduction of numerous regulatory and tax obligations; the trend is that these will increase further in the coming years. This has caused many difficulties for the traditional administration.

In order to maintain and secure their services, many administrators felt they had to adjust their rates due to their increased workload. However, their customers have not perceived any change in the services provided, thus increasing their degree of dissatisfaction.

Our model is strongly focused on communication with the owners, on shared management with a view to improving life inside the properties by aiming to maintain their value over time.

The tools we use to achieve this goal are:

  • the scheduling of periodic individual remote discussions with each owner
  • periodic updates available on each device (PC, tablet, smartphone)
  • continuous access to building documentation on each device
  • maximum transparency and sharing on every aspect of management.

Thanks to the path towards the complete digitization and automation of processes undertaken by our administration, we set ourselves the goal of being very effective in carrying out the procedural processes, increasing the time to devote to communication and relationships with our customers.

Changing an administrator is not difficult. First all you need to be sure to have the majority of the owners during the meeting.

Download the cancellation form and submit it to signature to the other owners before the assembly.