Our Vision

The first steps were taken in 2019 when the concept of “Smart & Social Condominium” spread in the sector. People talk about energy efficiency, the consequent introduction of technology to maintain and increase the value of buildings and the quality of life in condominiums: objectives sometimes far from those set by many current administrations.

On these assumptions, the project took shape in 2022 by combining ten-year professional experiences in condominium management with equally lasting experiences i digitization of SMC. The result is a proposal strongly linked to the automation of processes, the use of digital tools and the introduction of innovation in buildings and their management.

The goal is to provide a service to owners based on communication and transparency. The proposal is aimed at those owners who intend to create value over time for their properties, aware that the constant introduction of mature technologies is indispensable and inevitable in this sector as well.

By organizing and automating our internal processes we are able to:

  • schedule each activity on time;
  • guarantee the correct execution of each practice and procedure;
  • apply rates in line with the market;
  • allow our resources to work punctually and with sustainable workloads.

The time we manage to free up we dedicate to:

  • participation in trade fairs and industry events;
  • staff training;
  • definition of new solutions for our customers;
  • periodic comparison with our customers

We believe that the use of technology must absolutely NOT preclude the maintenance and strengthening of human relationships: on the contrary, it will contribute to improving our service in terms of availability, communication and transparency.

We believe it is essential to create and maintain a relationship of trust and collaboration with you.

We are convinced that total transparency on management, the maximum availability for discussion and the involvement of each owner on every issue of condominium interest by constant communication in the medium term will guarantee a fruitful collaboration towards our common goal: increasing the value of your investment improveing quality of life within your properties.